AVT platform adopts a 2-token model as follows:

  • AVT: Utility and Governance token, which accrues 20% of the platform's revenue.

  • ALP: Liquidity Provider token, which accrues 80% of the platform's revenue.

Please refer here for an overview of AVT and ALP's current statistics.

Token Contracts

Optimism network

AVT Address

ALP Address

Maximum Supply

AVT: Target maximum supply of 10 million tokens. Minting beyond 10 million tokens will depend on the rate of the platform's expansion including the pipeline of live products that increase the demand for AVT tokens. This will require a majority governance vote of approval by AVT holders, followed by a 28 day timelock before any minting can commence.

ALP: Tokens are minted and redeemed based on the liquidity provided by Liquidity Providers. For more information on ALP, please kindly refer here.

Token Allocation


30% of AVT tokens will be used to incentivise:

  • Strategic ecosystem partners including synergistic projects and protocols on Optimism network, growth related technical integrations such as fiat payment processors, cybersecurity, bug bounty and audit services.

  • Liquidity pools for single staking AVT and paired staking on a designated DEX.

DAO Fund

25% of AVT tokens will be allocated to the DAO Fund to maintain a positive and stable treasury reserve for the platform. The DAO Fund grows organically over time as the income generated from the platform fees accrues to the AVT tokens held by the Fund. The DAO Fund primarily serves the following functions:

  • Provide a reasonable support for the AVT token price by buying back AVT at certain junctures including price and/or platform stage.

  • Provide additional liquidity to the ALP liquidity pool if required.

Please kindly refer [Coming soon] for an overview of the DAO Fund's current statistics.


15% of AVT tokens will be allocated to investors and backers who have invested and supported AVT's platform. The investors' tokens will be linearly vested over a 2 year period.

Early Liquidity Providers & Traders

10% of AVT tokens will be given as additional rewards to Liquidity Providers and Traders who participate for the first 3 months starting from the date the platform becomes live from 15 March to 14 June 2023. Rewards for the 1st month will be higher than the 2nd month, which is higher than the 3rd month.


10% of AVT tokens will be allocated to community related initiatives including:

  • Airdrops and giveaways

  • Partners rewards

  • Community engagement programs

  • Community-led proposals


10% of AVT tokens will be allocated to key contributors who have provided significant development and support to AVT's platform. The contributors' tokens will be linearly invested over a 2 year period.

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