AVT's overall governance is structured into two distinct phases:

  • Initial Governance

  • Hybrid DAO Governance

Initial Governance (Jan 2023 - August 2023)

From pre-launch to at least 6 months after AVT officially launches, the key contributing team will establish the strategic roadmap and provide the necessary resources for AVT to be efficiently and securely built and operated. The contributing team is responsible for technical build-out and operations, security and risk management, establishing an organic and sustainable community, connecting with the right partners and building a synergistic ecosystem.

The objective of the initial governance phase is to bring AVT from concept to the community successfully, and establish the right processes and incentives for the long term growth and sustainability of the AVT platform. Once the contributing team is confident that these objectives are met and AVT has achieved a stable and efficient operation, the plan is then to transition to the next phase: Hybrid DAO Governance.

Hybrid DAO Governance (August 2023 onwards)

Under a Hybrid DAO Governance model, important matters including strategic direction will be proposed and put to a vote by $AVT holders, while routine operational matters will continue to be managed by the contributing team. All proposals will be made to the contributing team who will administer the proposals for voting based on importance and relevance. The contributing team simply administers and does not judge. If the proposal conforms to the guidelines, it will be open to the community for voting. For a proposal to be passed and implemented, it will require the support of the majority $AVT holders.

The rationale for the Hybrid DAO model is so that AVT avoids inefficiencies by determining and optimizing which aspects should be decentralized, and to what extent. AVT's community is at its core and by providing you a voice through voting power, we intend for all our participants to share in AVT's identity and therefore grow together. At the same time, AVT continues to leverage on the expertise and management of the contributing team to handle day to day operations and execution without relying on a lengthier voting process. Therefore, the Hybrid DAO Governance structure is best suited for AVT's plans for growth and sustainability.

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